Open Call to Writers: Concurso Literario «Seattle Escribe 2017»

(Versión en Español)

First Literary contest in Spanish for Washington State.

Seattle Escribe in collaboration with the Consulate of México make an open call to writers for the first literary contest in Spanish for Washington State: Seattle Escribe 2017


First Literary Contest in Spanish for Washington State: Seattle Escribe 2017.

Genre: Short story, Poetry, Essay.

Invites: Seattle Escribe.

Open call to all writers 18 years of age and up residing in Washington State

Forty Finalists:
Certificate of participation, Publishing in an anthology.
Ten first places:
All of the above and one literary workshop held at Hugo House with Guest Writer Claudia Castro Luna, Civic Poet of Seattle.
Submissions opening date: March 15th 2017

Submissions closing date: May 15th 2017

With the purpose of promoting the development of the Creative Writing in Spanish in Washington State and searching voices that express the richness of Spanish language, Seattle Escribe makes an open call to writers for the first literary contest in Spanish in Washington State.


1.- This is a free contest open to all people 18 years of age and up, who wish to write in Spanish residing in Washington State. We encourage residents of all genders, ethnicity and backgrounds to participate.

2.- This contest is for all writers who wish to write in Spanish to promote the importance and richness of Spanish Language.

3.- The literary Works must be written totally in Spanish. The theme for this year is BRIDGES. The manuscripts must content the personal vision and interpretation of the artists about this subject.

4.- All Works must be original and unpublished. (Not been submitted for other contests or awaiting decision. Not have been published in any kind of media partially or totally).

5.- Each author can submit one manuscript.

6.- Manuscripts will have a minimum extension of 1 page, maximum 4, written in Times New Roman 12 points, double spaced.

7.- Works must be submitted via e mail to:

8.- Each participant will send three attached files as .DOC, PDF.

a) First file named: DATOS that will include:

  • Name

  • Place and date of birth

  • E mail

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Pseudonym

b) Second file named: OBRA that will include the title, the pseudonym and the manuscript for the contest.

c) Third file named: CESIÓN that will include a letter signed for the author as an authorization to publish their work in an anthology in case of being selected. The letter form should be downloaded from this link:ÓN.pdf

9.- Deadline for reception of submissions will be May 15th, at noon (12PM Seattle time).

10.- The contestants will give the rights of distribution, and publication in different media to the institutions and sponsors of the contest. Contestants understand that they will not receive any remuneration.

11.- The board of judges will be conformed by members of the Consejo Editorial of Seattle Escribe. The judges will select the winners. (40 finalists, 10 first places). The judges will decide the place and time for the awards ceremony to take place. The names of the judges will not be disclosed until the day of the award ceremony.

12.- There will be mentions of honor in case the judges consider it necessary. The decision of the jury will be final in all cases.

13.-These are the categories for the winners:


*40 Finalists:

One certificate of participation. Inclusion in the anthology for the contest that will be published by the end of the year.

* 10 Selected Winners:

One literary workshop held at Hugo House in Seattle, Washington.

14.- All finalist are encouraged to assist to the awards ceremony. Day and time will be determined by the jury and we will let all contestants know previously. Organizers and Sponsors are not obliged to cover travel expenses for the contestants.

15.- Winners will be able to assist to the workshop in day and time determined by the organizers.

16.- All winners acknowledge that they will not receive any kind of remuneration for the publishing of their manuscripts in the anthology. All earns will be destined for future publishing’s of this contests and Seattle Escribe.

17.- It is understood that all manuscripts sent to the contest belong to their authors and that the authors keep their rights over their literary work. Once published in the anthology, all writers will be free to exploit and publish their manuscripts in the way they consider better for their interests

18.- The organizers will not keep any kind of communication with the contestants, except for sharing the guidelines of this contest.

19.- Any situation not considered in this open call will be evaluated by Seattle Escribe Board.

Submission for this contest implies the total agreement with the rules and guidelines of the contest.

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